Saved by a slice of bread

Fr. Jose Kaimlett

Teenager Hank was down by the railroad station picking berries when he was suddenly disturbed by a big dog. The dog kept circling him and acting strangely, somehow enticing Hank to follow him.He walked straight to the train station where they found a nine-year old girl with her foot caught in a railroad switch. While he was trying to free her foot from the trap, he heard a train approaching. He ran toward it, waving and shouting. Luckily the engineer was able to stop the train just in time. Then he and Hank worked the girl’s leg loose and freed her.Later it came to light that the girl had shared her school sandwich with the dog and that he had saved her life out of gratitude.

We come across so many of these stories, where animals, even wild ones for that matter, go far out of their way in expressing their gratitude for the little favours they have received. But man on the other hand would not easily miss an opportunity to demonstrate his ungrateful nature.

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