Shelter for the Houseless

For hundreds in the missions even the poor appearance of a house does not exist.  Those who somehow or other manage to live with the limited income of a long day’s work, cannot certainly afford to project for building a proper shelter for themselves even if they have a piece of land to lay their head.

The question of shelter for the poor is of secondary importance as compared with that of their food-supply. However hundreds in both rural and urban areas have no place that they can call home, not even the meagre shelter of the one-roomed hut with which they would gladly be content. Added to the sufferings of hunger, they have to face the sharp and sometimes frosty air of the cold weather with scarcely a rag to their backs, and no doors, windows, or even walls to keep off the chilly wind. In the long monsoon season they have to make their bed on the damp floor or ground. Under such circumstances our goal is to build shelters for the houseless people. Compassionate service to the houseless is an urgent task to meet the housing requirements of the vulnerable sections to realise the goal of shelter for all.

Houses for the Poor

Our compassionate service extends to those very poor family members who  after a whole day’s hard labour, are hardly able to feed themselves and who do not have a place to lay their head.  With a total cost of US$ 3,000.00 we can build a house with two rooms, kitchen and a lavatry.  Those family members who succeed in saving a little bit put their contribution of US$ 350.00 for the construction of their house.
Total Houses Completed
Cost per House
$ 3,000.00
Contribution from the Family
$   350.00
Contribution from the Government
$   650.00