People are like grain

Fr. Jose Kaimlett

In the vicinity of Davos there was a field of wheat. Two of the local baron’s sons were one day walking alongside that field. One remarked, “Notice the great difference between the heads of grain in this field. Some stand up very straight and tidy while the others hang their heads sloppily as if they were drunk.”

“You’re right,” said his brother. “If I were the owner of this field, I would pull out the wheat that is crooked and bent over and throw it away.”

“If I did that, I would be stupid,” said the farmer, who had overheard their conversation. “Listen, you youngsters, just those heads of wheat that you dislike are the best ones in the field. They bow down because they are heavy with grain. The empty ones stand upright because they are empty.

                                                                    – Urs Bangerter

People are just like that too: the ones with empty heads are always haughty and stand taller; whereas the wise are always humble. An empty vessel makes a lot of noise.

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