Care of the Elderly

Taking care of the elderly who are abandoned by the society is an urgent task  in different parts of the world, especially in the economically backward countries where there is no social security or health insurance.

 It is a very sad reality that some elderly parents are abandoned by their children.  While in the Developed World, this miserable phenomenon is not because their children cannot provide support, but because they choose not to, in the developing countries, most of the time, it is because of the lack of the economical means that the elderly are found engaged in the street in begging and searching for a place to lay their head. Missionaries of Compassion try to take care and support the lonely, the abandoned aged, regardless of their caste and creed, providing improvement in the quality of their lives. By following Christ’s example, Missionaries of Compassion bring a message of love and compassion to the lonely and rejected.

Retirement Homes