Shrine of Our Lady of Grace

Every person after receiving special blessing from God, feels like spending the rest of the life expressing gratitude of God. Literally, that happened with the great missionary, Fr. Jose Kaimlett, who wanted to thank the living God for the great mission he was entrusted with throughout his life. When this thought came to his mind, he was looking for a place around Hyderabad to erect a shrine. After a very long search, a suitable site was found and everyone including, the Archbishop M. Joji had liked and approved it. But at the last moment someone mentioned about the availability of the present site. Though the price was almost double and nonnegotiable, he just wanted to have a look at it. The very first time he set his foot on the plot, he felt within himself a very strong and ardent feeling, “this is the site for the shrine”, exactly the same way as he felt, when he first set foot at Nirmalagiri, where a Shrine dedicated to Our Lady is founded by him. With his strenuous mental ad physical efforts and with the encouraging words of Archbishop, he saw to the upcoming of this beautiful shrine with every minute work being done with his own ideas of experience and utmost personal attention. Hyderabad Archdiocese is blessed to have a shrine of his dream in Aliabad. A well integrated personality, Fr. Jose Kaimlett really deserves all praises and a grand applause for this wonderful act of his missionary zeal. This event must surely instil in the young priests, a missionary zeal to abreast many devotees to holy mother, the Church.


Shrine of Our Lady of Grace, Aliabad is a spectacular structure depicting the typical Indian culture explaining how Christianity has taken deep roots in Indian tradition. It is just unique and the only Indian shrine christened as, Our Lady of Grace.


Pieta Statue: It is a sculpture of beautiful Madonna with the mortal corpse of the Son Christ Jesus, expressing her profound sorrow and grief.

Dhvaja Sthambham: In India, we find Dhvaja Sthambham in every temple. We find the similar kind of tradition of having Flag-Post in front of our churches. In this shrine we find the integration of both the traditions and therefore there is a huge Dhvaja Sthabham made of Brass at the entrance.


Kuthuvilakku – the typical South Indian lamp: In the main portico of the shrine there is an 8 feet Kuthuvilakku made out of stone, which really demonstrates the Indian art.

Mukha Dhvaram: The huge main doors of the Shrine are another type of attraction. On these huge doors are fond the pictures of Jesus and Mary engraved on them. Statues of Saint Joseph and Saint Anthony were installed in the left and right porticos.


1. Altar: In the shrine there is a magnificent alter carved out of a natural stone. 2. Lecterns-Ambos: In front of the altar there are two lecterns which are also carved out of a natural stone from where the sacred scripture is proclaimed. 3. Tabernacle: The Sanctuary has an Ornamental Tabernacle at the centre for the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist and two more small tabernacles on either side for the relics from the other shrines and for the names of the donors respectively. 4. Baptismal Font and Crucifix: Adjacent right to the sanctuary we find a gorgeous baptismal font chiselled out of a marble stone and adjacent left to the sanctuary is found a huge Crucifix made out of a single Teak Wood tree. 5. Crypt: In front of the Sanctuary, there is a crypt called Garbha Gudi in Indian Tradition, which contains the pictorial representation of “The Annunciation of Angel Gabriel to our Blessed Virgin Mary”. Right on the top of this Garbha Gudi, we find a big chandelier hanging with dazzling imported stones set in it and in front of this Garbha Gudi, is found an imported statue of Our Lady of Medjugorje form Portugal carved out of a single marble.


1. Statue of Our Lady of Grace: On the dome of the shrine the statue of Our Lady of Grace, the patroness of the Shrine was installed. According to Fr. Jose Kaimlett, “Our Blessed Mother is known under so many varying titles all over the world, but none as popular and as enticing as ‘Hail Mary, Full of Grace!’ So much so there are 162 Major Shrines dedicated to ‘Our Lady of Grace, Madonna delle Grazie’. However the shrine at Aliabad is unique in the sense that it is THE ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND in India. 2. 24 Statues of Mother Mary: Just below the dome and around it are installed 24 statues namely: Our Lady of Highways, Our Lady of Medjugorje, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Scaffati, Our Lady of Vailankanni, Our Lady of Most Holy Rosary, Our Lady of Presentation, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Our Lady of Assumption, Our Lady of Angels and Saints, Our Lady of the Universe, Our Lady of the Church, Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Mary Help of Christians, Our Lady of Salvation, Our Lady of Mercy and Compassion, Mary Mediatrix, Our Lady of Good Health, Our Lady of Sorrows, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Lady of Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of Sacred Heart.


The ceremony of Inauguration, Consecration and Dedication of this grand new Shrine of Our Lady of Grace, Aliabad was presided over by 8 Bishops. It began with the solemn welcoming of the Bishops with the royal umbrellas and marking chandanapu and kumkuma tilaks on their foreheads by the students of Vijaya Marie School of Nursing. Crackers were burnt and a band was played by the students of St. Maryàs Hugh School, Secunderabad until the entrance of the church as a sign of welcoming the bishops. People were spell bound at their first look at the shrine. Bishops and priests vested at the entrance of the church followed by the breaking of the coconuts by bishops, Fr. Jose Kaimlett and the local clergy of the Aliabad community at the Dhvaja Sthambham, where the provision was made for the regular breaking of the coconuts by the devotees. The Rector of the Shrine, Fr. Yeruva Ignatius pronounced the words of welcome, then the deacons, people carrying the relics and the Holy Oils for Consecration and the clergy went ahead in the procession in the path formed by two groups of brothers standing in two lines. As the entrance hymn was being sung, the Students of Vijaya Marie Nursing School were dancing to its tune ahead of bishops welcoming them to the shrine proper. At the entrance of the shrine proper, Bishops were given Harathi as an Indian traditional way of welcoming someone into the house and the Harathi plate was handed over to the Archbishop M. Joji, who in turn gave Harathi to all the priests, nuns and devotees. Then all the bishops lighted the Kuthuvilakku marking the joyous occasion and Bishop M. John, the main celebrant blessed the Water.

The official opening of the Shrine was done by Bishop Delio Lucarelli by cutting the ribbon, Bishop Govind Joji unveiled the plaque and Archbishop M. Joji blessed the main door of the Shrine. Archbishop, Bishop Delio Lucarelli and Bishop M. John blessed the interiors of the Shrine. The Holy Mass began as usual with the peace greetings followed by the introduction by Bishop M. John. Then the penitential rite followed by Gloria and the Opening prayer. Bishop Mathew Cheriankunnel blessed the new lecterns meant of scripture readings. The readings were read and homily was delivered by Bishop M. D. Prakasham. After the Profession of faith, Renewal of the Wedding Vows made by Mr. R. D. G. Pandyan & Mrs. Mary Malarkodi, benefactors and associates of Missionaries of Compassion. The elegant altar was consecrated by Bishop Lucarelli. Consecration of the altar entails depositing of the relics of Saints, St. Timothei (Martyr), St. John of the Cross and Sts. Raphael & Joseph (Kalinowski) by Bishop Lucarelli assisted by Archbishop M. Joji, Prayer of Dedication in Italian by Bishop Lucarelli and finally, Anointing the altar with the Sacred Chrism by Bishop Lucarelli assisted by Archbishop M. Joji and Bishop Gallela Prasad. The consecrated altar was later incensed by Bishop Poola Anthony and the altar cloth was placed by the Bishops. The main celebrant Bishop M. John then gave a lighted candle to the parish priest, Fr. Manoj Joseph mc, who in turn lighted the candles on the altar and placed an Altar Cross on it for the Eucharist. The Eucharistic celebration went on as usual until communion rite. After the communion rite, Archbishop M. Joji blessed the new Tabernacle as the official custodian of the local church in Hyderabad and kept the Blessed Sacrament in it and placed the relics and the names of the benefactors in the side Tabernacles and handed over the keys to the parish priest as a sign of handing over the custody of the shrine to him.

After the communion rite Bishop Lucarelli blessed the baptismal font, Bishop Gallela Prasad blessed the crypt and Bishop Poola Anthony and Bishop Gallela Prasad blessed the statues in, above and around the Shrine. Thus, the inauguration, Dedication and Consecration came to an end with the solemn Episcopal blessings on all the people.


After the Eucharistic celebration, there was a short felicitation ceremony for Bishops and Fr. Jose Kaimlett, the Founder of Heralds of Good News, Missionaries of Compassion and Sisters of Good News by all the Bishops. On this auspicious occasion, Devotional C.D., “Varaprasadam” composed by Bro. Dorli Yuvaraj under the guidance of Fr. (Dr.) Biju Kuttikatt, was released by Archbishop.

Rev. Dr. Raju Mathew Panackal of Missionaries of Compassion proposed vote of thanks. Besides 8 Bishops, 100 priests, 200 nuns and 8,500 devotees participated in the liturgical ceremonies. The clergy team of Aliabad Fr. Manoj Joseph, Fr. P. Ambrose Edwin and Fr. Yeruva Ignatius deserve our congratulation for organizing such a mega event. Archdiocesan Organizing team did wonderful job, taking care of every minute detail for the smooth celebration of the event. (Fr. Madanu Pradeep Kumar)

Liturgical Celebrations

Holy Mass

Daily:  6.30 a.m. &  6.00 p.m.

Sunday:   Telugu: 8.00 a.m.

                       Engish: 10.00 a.m. &  5.00 p.m.

Eucharistic Adoration

Friday: at 6.00 p.m. ( followed by Holy Mass)

Saturday: 6.00 p.m., Holy Rosary, Mass & Novena

Holy Rosary : Every day at 7.30 p.m.

Annual Feast: Second Sunday of November


Shrine of Our Lady of Grace

Ave Maria Nagar

Aliabad, Shamirpet (Mdl)

R.R. Dist., Hyderabad – 500 078

Andhra Pradesh, India

Tel. 0091 9247026484

        0091 9441388960

How to Reach

Buses from Secundrabad Station Via – JBS, Lal Bazar, Lothukunta, Alwal, Bolaram, Hakimpet

Shamirpet to the Shrine: 211A, 211D, 211J, 211K, 567,568 & 569.


Hymn to our Blessed Mother

Prayer of Petition

People: We fly to your Patronage, O Holy Mothr of God despise not our petitions in our necessities but ever deliver us from all dangers O glorious and Blessed Virgin.

Priest: O Mother of Divine Grace! Your very name inspires confidence

People: Grant me your Grace, O Holy Mother of God

Priest: That I may love and serve God with all my heart

People: Grant me your Grace, O Holy Mother of God

Priest: That I may never neglect

People: Grant me your Grace, O Holy Mother of God

Priest: In temptations against the Holy virtue of purity

People: Grant me your Grace, O Holy Mother of God

Priest: That I may quickly rise against should I have the misfortune to fall into sin

People: Grant me your Grace, O Holy Mother of God

Priest: That I may labour zealously to get rid of my sinful habits

People: Grant me your Grace, O Holy Mother of God

Priest: That I may courageously resist the seductions of the world, evil companions, bad books and films

People: Grant me your Grace, O Holy Mother of God

Priest: That I may often and devoutly receive the sacraments and fulfill my Christian duties and the duties of my state

People: Grant me your Grace, O Holy Mother of God

Priest: That I may be patient and resigned in all trials and troubles of life

People: Grant me your Grace, O Holy Mother of God

Priest: In sickness and pain, in poverty and distress

People: Grant me your Grace, O Holy Mother of God

Priest: That I may ever love and serve you and invoke your assistance

People: Grant me your Grace, O Holy Mother of God

Priest: That I may be able to lead others to love, serve and pray to you

People: Grant me your Grace, O Holy Mother of God

Priest: When death is near and I am about to pass into eternity

People: Grant me your Grace, O Holy Mother of God

Priest: To my last hour, to my last breath do you watch over me

People: Grant me your Grace, O Holy Mother of God

Priest: Pray for us o Mother of Grace

People: That we may be made worthy of the primises of Christ

Priest: O Almighty and merciful God, who in order to assist the human race has willed the Blessed Virgin Mary to become the Mother of Your only begotten Son grant we beseech You that by her intercession we may avoid the contagion of sin and serve You with a pure heart through the same Christ our Lord.

People: Amen.

Novena Prayer

People. O Mother of Divine Grace behold me a miserable sinner at your feet. I have recourse to you and put my trust in you.  O Mother of Mercy have pity upon me. I hear you called by all, the refuge and hope by sinners.  Be then my refuge and hope, grant me the grace for the love of Jesus Christ stretch forth your hand to me a poor sinner who recommend and dedicate myself to you as your servant. I bless and thank God for having in His mercy given me this confidence in you the pledge as I believe of my eternal salvation.  Alas too often in past times have I merably fallen because I had not recourse to yo.  I know that with your grace I shall conquer.  I know that you will grant me your grace.  If I recommend myself to you but I fear lest in the occasion of falling I should cease to call upon you and so should lose my soul.  This then is the Grace I seek from you and beg of you as far as I know how and can to obtain it for me, namely, in the assaults of hell always to have recourse to you and to say to you; O Mary, grant me your grace, Mother of Divine Grace, suffer me not to lose my God. Amen

People: Hail Mary – 3 times

Priest: Mother of Divine Grace

People: Pray for your children

Holy Mary grant your grace upon the miserable, the faint hearted cheer those that weep pray for the people be the adovcate fo the clergy intercede for all the devout women let all you feel your aid who implore your Divine Grace.

Priest: You have been made for us O Mother, a refuge

People: A helper in need and tribulation

Priest: O Lord Jesus Christ, who have given us your Mother Mary whose wondrous image we venerate to be our Mother of Grace ever ready to help us with her Divine Grace, grant, we beseech you that we who earnestly implore her maternal aid may deserve to enjoy always the fruit of your redemption who lives and reigns world without end.

People: Amen

Hymn to Mother of Grace

The Memorare

People: Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it know that anyone who fled to your protection implored your help or sought your intercessions was left unaided.  Inspired with this confidence, I fly to you, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother, to you I come before you I stand sinful and sorrowful.  O mother of the word incarnate despise not my petitions but in your mercy hear and answer me. Amen.

Final Blessing (Priest extends his right hand towards the people)

The Lord Jesus Christ be with you that He may defend you, within you that He may sustain you, before you that He may lead you, behind you that He may protect you, above you that He may bless you.  Who with the Father and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns forever and ever.

People: Amen.

Priest: Through the powerful intercession of Our Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Divine Grace, may the blessing of Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, descend upon you, and remain with you forever.

People: Amen.