Food for the Hungry

During the growing global food crisis, poor families in our missions are faced with difficult choices. Most families in the missions comprise of manual labourers who work in the rice fields if at all they are called to.  After a long day’s work a labourer manages to earn less than $ 1.00, with which he has to meet all the basic needs like food, clothing, medicine etc.  Not being able to afford all the needs of the family, he is forced to send his children to work instead of sending them to school to find scraps of food or to earn extra income. Thus the children are not able to go to school. Child sponsorship provides the child and their family what they need to survive – food, healthcare and education. It also shines the light of Christ into their dark circumstances, letting that child and family know that someone cares for them. Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a child today and helping them not only survive this current crisis but also be equipped for the future, breaking the cycle of poverty.

Soup Kitchens

Our food for the Hungry program is intended to assure a hot meal to hundreds of poor children and elderly who do not have the means for a meal per day.  At present we run three Soup Kitchens in in different villages of Andhra Pradesh.

Mobile Food Distribution

The mobile food distribution programme is intended for the benefit of those poor elderly persons who do not have any means for their livelihood and who cannot reach our soup kitchens.  Every day a team of volunteers bring food to the poor families in the villages.  At present around hundred persons in five villages benefit from this initiative and we hope to extend this service to more villages around Eluru.

A Modern Version of the Final Judgement


I was hungry, and you were obese
I was thirsty and you were watering your lawn
I was a stranger and you called the police and were glad to see me being taken away;
I was naked and you were saying, “I do not have a thing to wear – I must get some new clothes tomorrow
I was ill and you asked, “Is it contagious?”
I was in prison and you said, “That is where your kind belongs”

Fr. Thomas Karachira is responsible for the execution of the program. Rain or shine, daily he faithfully takes two meals to the deserving people – people who would otherwise have no food at all.