The Foundations of Fr. Jose

  • Heralds of Good News

The first few years of priestly ministry coupled with his experience in the mission field and his travel to the traditionally Christian countries inspired Father Kaimlett with the Gospel words “harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few”. He was personally experiencing the growing shortage of vocation to priesthood and religious life all over the word. After profound thinking, prayer, mature reflection and consultation, Father Kaimlett believed that a Clerical Missionary Society of Apostolic life would meet the seriously felt need of the time. Hence he founded the Missionary Society of Heralds of Good News in the diocese of Eluru, India in 1984 with the specific scope of promoting new vocations and training zealous, hardworking and holy priests in order to help the needy churches and missions. The first group of eight seminarians were ordained priests in 1993. Now, this missionary institute has over 250 priests serving in different dioceses in India and in outside India. On 5th May 1999, on the 58th birthday of Father Kaimlett, the Founder, the Society was elevated to the status of Pontifical Right by the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II.

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Sisters of Good News

As he continued his priestly ministry and mission, Father Kaimlett came to the realization that a Missionary Society of priests alone would not adequately meet the felt need of the time in the Church. He realized that there are tremendous need of apostolate in the missions, which calls for the special service and attention of women religious. Being fully aware of the increasing shortage of vocation to women religious life especially in the Western countries, Father Kaimlett started a missionary order for the women in 1990 – the Missionary Society of Sisters of Good News. In view of responding effectively to the needs of the time, the purpose of the Sisters of Good News was to Seek the Glory of God by promoting young and committed women to consecrated life and to train them with missionary zeal and apostolic spirit so that in the due time they could be as well send to the needy churches and missions especially where there is a shortage of vocations. The first group of candidates made their first profession on 14th January 1994. On 9th May 2001 a group of 40 members made their final profession in the Society. Today there are 13 communities serving in seven dioceses in India and 6 communities serving in 4 dioceses in Italy and another community in the diocese of Mahenge, Tanzania, Africa. Sisters of Good News have at present nearly 100 candidates undergoing formation at various levels.

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Missionaries of Compassion

God’s plan for the instrumentality of Father Kaimlett was not over with the foundation of the above-mentioned two Missionary Orders. After having set both of them on firm footing with independent administration Father Kaimlett continued his missionary ventures. With a vague feeling of having reached the ‘evening’ of his life he wanted to do something more for the most marginalized and the least cared of God’s people, before the ‘night’ falls on his way. His orientation was to set up an organization with committed men and women who would dedicate their energy and time in caring for the destitute, the elderly poor and sick, the abandoned, the widowed etc. Drawing inspiration from the discourse of Our Lord on the Last Judgment and from the great missionaries of our time like Mother Theresa of Calcutta, Father Kaimlett founded the Missionaries of Compassion on the Feast of Mary Help of Christians, on 23rd May 2003 in the archdiocese of Hyderabad. The Missionaries of Compassion has the specific scope of exercising the compassionate ministry of Christ by taking caring of those who do not have any one to care for, especially the most and the least unfortunate brethren. As this is the youngest of his foundations and very infant in its existence the present concern of Father Kaimlett is to give a firm footing to it, so that together with the other two missionary Orders this too will make effective contributions to the church.

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