Sewing Machine Project

Sewing Macine Project

The goal of this project is to empower women and their families by raising funds to teach sewing skills and provide sewing machines to the poor women in the  villages where our missionaries serve. This gives them the opportunity to use their skills to rise out of poverty and work toward a promising future for themselves and their families.


The women in these villages have no formal education and therefore no access to decent, well-paying jobs and vocational skills like sewing hold an important alternative. They live in poverty which greatly hinders them from finding quality jobs to support their families. They are often at risk of being trapped in dehumanizing professions in order to support their family.

A sewing machine is one of the simplest and most effective resources to give to a poor woman to help build her self-confidence and empower her to earn a respectable living as a seamstress, and support her family to rise out of poverty.

With your donation of $100, we can teach these women valuable sewing skills and provide them with their own a sewing machine to start their own self-sustaining and respectable tailoring business, making garments, doing repairs and alterations. They can earn a daily income so that they can independently provide food, basic necessities for her entire family and send their children to school. Tailoring offers these women not only vocational skills, but also hope and freedom. It will equip them with the means to rise above their demeaning circumstances. It will contribute not only to the well-being of their families but to their community as well.


These sewing machines will be a motivation for other women, notably the younger women, who may also use sewing as a profession rather than resorting to more desperate measures. It will give them a chance to plan a future, rather than worry about having sufficient resources to survive.

Please donate and help these women thrive! By donating $100, you can cover the cost of a brand new sewing machine and help us set a woman free from the bondage of poverty.

Your gift is a doorway to a better life for these women. It is a gift that keeps on giving day after day, year after year. It will make a difference for generations!

Thank you for joining us in supporting these poor women!

For more information of the project, kindly contact or:

Rev. Fr. Priestly Mathew DCL
Missionari della Compassione
Viale Madonna del Tufo, 55
00040 Rocca di Papa RM
Tel. (0039) 334 8409736


Pancras Mitabile

Dear Sir/ Madam
We are a church, serving God in the poor community in Tanzania, East Africa. Majority of our church community are poor people sucmscribed with multiple spiritual and socio-economic condition. Our mission seeks on supporting them recover their spiritual condition as well as recover their wellbeing. We lack o sewing machines to enable us teach them skills to stand on their own. IAM asking whether we can be supported in this aspect.

Xavier Poovakulam

yes, you are most welcome, we appreciate for your genericity! Please contact our Superior General for any details
Details are given below:
Rev. Fr Boban Kollappalli mc
superior General
phone Number: +91 94924 27883


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