Hostels of Compassion

With the purpose of giving qualitative and moral education to the poor children in the villages, we have established different schools in India mainly in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Kerala, Telengana and Tamil Nadu and in the Morogoro region of Tanzania.  These schools are beneficial for children staying in the different nearby villages.   However, in some areas children are staying in the remote villages where there are no road and transportation facilities, and the only possibility to reach the school is by food and it involves at times hours.  During the heavy rains it is impossible to walk in the mud roads.  There are children traveling at times even 30 to 40 kilometres to reach to the school.  In many places, there is a constant request from the part of the students and parents to have the hostel facilities for the students in the school premises.  Therefore, where there is need and possibility, near to the school we offer separate boarding facilities for boys and girls who either come from far away places or from remote villages with limited transportation facilities.  It will help them to save hours of travel time and to concentrate more on their studies.