Soup Kitchen, Alugulugudem

Soup Kitchen, Alugulugudem


Missionaries of Compassion

Christ the King Church



West Godhavari Dt.

Andhra Pradesh

The ‘Soup Kitchen’ at Alugulugudem is established on 27th June 2019 – the first death anniversary of Father Jose Kaimlett.  It is established and run by the members of the Holy Spirit Major Seminary, Sanigudem as integral formation program.  As part of the formation,  the seminarians together with their studies undertake also some compassionate activity.  The priest members and the seminarians of Missionaries of Compassion are engaged in the pastoral care of the villages around Sanigudem. 

At present meals are distributed every Sunday after the Holy Eucharistic Celebration in the Christ the King Church, Alugulugudem.

The parishioners volunteer to prepare the meals and to distribute to the needy.

During the ‘lock-down’ period of the Coivd-19 emergency, food items were distributed by the staff and students of the Holy Spirit Seminary in Alugulugudem and in other surrounding villages.

Food fo the Hungry Alugulugudem
Food for the Hungry Alugulugudem