Water or the thirsty

In many villages there is acute shortage for drinking water.  People drink polluted water from lakes, public tanks which are shared by human beings and animals alike.  Most water sources are contaminated by sewage and agricultural runoff. Although access to drinking water has improved 75% of all diseases are related to unsafe water. In India, diarrhea alone causes more than 1,600 deaths daily.

Hygiene practices also continue to be a problem in the villages. Latrine usage is extremely poor in rural areas.  In order to decrease the amount of disease spread through contaminated drinking-water, together with furnishing the village with safe drinking water, we work also through awareness programs to improve hygiene.

With $ 5,000.00, we can provide a village with a deep bore well and safe drinking water tank and ensure continuous healthy and safe drinking water supply.

Type Bore Water Well & Water Tank
Expected size/capacities:
Bore Well 50ft deep
Water Tank over 100,000 litres
Beneficiaries: over 2,000 people per village
Cost per village: $5.000,00
Completed Projects: 8 Villages

Each of these villages are provided with clean drinking water, bringing poverty and hunger relief to thousands of people – not for one day, not for one week, but for years and years to come. Constructing deep bore well close to villages means that people no longer have to walk long distances to often unreliable water sources. Our water team oversees the project and ensures it is maintained and protected. We believe these water projects will relieve suffering, open doors to better health and economic development.

Water is Life

Provide a Village with Safe Drinking Water

With your contribution of $ 5.000,00 we can furnish a village with safe drinking water – Deep well and Water tank which ensure continuos healthy drinking water. There are thousands depending on your compassion​