Care for the Children

Various types of child life in the missions present extremely distressing problems to the society. Newsboys, half-orphans, friendless children, who are entirely neglected by their parents and wander away from home, are found in distressingly large numbers in the cities and villages. Missionaries of Compassion aim to discover them and to provide temporary or permanent homes for them. We endeavour to find work for the children if they are of legal age, or to restore them to their homes and obtain for them the attention and provision to which they have a natural right. When a boy leaves an industrial school he will find board and lodging without cost to him until he secures work. When work is found a representative of the school selects a safe boarding place for the boy, encourages him to save his money, and keeps in touch with him either personally or by correspondence as long as there is need.

A large number of poor and disadvantaged children without homes are given refuge in our orphanages and shelter homes. These are distressed children who come from difficult circumstances that detach them from the joys of childhood. These orphans require love, care, affection, warmth and education. Our missionaries and volunteers working in our in Empowering Mission, support the underprivileged and uncared children to alleviate their suffering by helping them live a dignified life.