Young men who have completed high school, at the age of 17, join the Missionaries of Compassion to discern a call to the priesthood of Jesus Christ.  The programme of formation has a duration of eight to ten years. In this period, the seminarians engage in a challenging program of  human, spiritual, pastoral and academic/intellectual formation.  In addition to the academic coursework, seminarians of Missionaries of Compassion participate in a full schedule of spiritual activities – like the daily Holy Mass, praying the Liturgy of the Hours, spiritual direction and spiritual retreats.  At each level of seminary training, the seminarian prepares for the pastoral ministry, keeping in mind the future compassionate ministry he has to undertake in various settings such as hospitals, day care centres, orphanages, parishes and religious education programs. All of this formation takes into consideration the human person.  Human growth and development is fostered by community living and other programs.  The preparations for future priests includes practical learning as well, including courses related to preaching, celebration of the Sacraments and pastoral counselling.  It is at the seminary – the “seedbed” of prayer, study and reflection – where a young man quiets himself to respond generously to the Lord who may be calling him to share in His gift of the priesthood.