Help Not Wanted

Fr. Jose Kaimlett

Help Not Wanted

The almond tree had grown straight and was proudly contemplating its branches. Then one day a small woodpecker settled into the almond tree. He put his head against the bark of the tree and heard the noise of many termites moving about inside. He hammered a hole into the tree trunk, pulled the ants out and exterminated them.

The almond tree became angry over that. He liked the colorful parrots that rested in his branches but he did not like birds that bored holes. So he scolded the woodpecker and he flew away.

Inside the tree the termite larvae left over grew and multiplied and pretty soon they hollowed out the trunk of the tree. But the almond tree did not notice it until one day a wind came up and toppled it.

_ Johnson Gnanabara

We live in a complex world. As such for our survival as well as growth we need steady help and guidance from all sorts of outside sources, such as our parents, family, friends, teachers, preachers, doctors and so on. The moment we feel self-sufficient and isolate ourselves our ruin is guaranteed.

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