Fr. Jose Kaimlett

There was once a village lad who used to go the forests to collect cherries and other berries to sell them in the village.

A housewife used to buy fruits from him regularly. She would take the fruit basket into her house, weigh them and pay the boy the price. He would take them and depart without any complaint or commend.

One day the lady asked the boy, “You never saw me weighing the fruits, so you do not know if I am giving you the right amount or not. Did you ever think that I might be cheating you?”

Without any hesitation the boy replied, “No, never. If you cheat me, I will loose a few cherries, which you know is not a big affair; whereas you will loose your conscience.”

When we succeed in cheating someone we might feel proud of our success. But each time it leaves a scar on the conscience, which eventually determines your destiny which has effects that might last for several generations. Nowadays psychiatrists and spiritual masters tell us about the shadow cast on our lives by the guilt of our ancestors; the lasting effect of the scratches, if not wiped away by means of penance and sacrifices.

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just great, I´m proud of you and your welldone work. Keep on and live your vision!


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