Flowers of Temptation

Fr. Jose Kaimlett

“Flowers” of Temptation On a delightful spring day in 1918, the inhabitants of Baccaret, France, were amazed to see hundreds of beautiful bouquets drifting from the skies. They were being dropped from enemy planes flying far overhead.  Words of caution were immediately sounded by those in authority advising the people not to pick up those appealing “gifts.” Squads of soldiers protected with masks destroyed them as rapidly as possible. Why? Because every bundle of flowers concealed a tiny balloon which could easily be broken each of them contained enough poison gas to injure and even kill anyone who tried to smell the attractive blooms!  Despite repeated warnings, many were unable to resist the urge to handle those tempting but dangerous booby traps.                     – Henry Bosch 

 In the spiritual realm Satan also scatters his beautiful, sweet-scented invitations to evil along our way; and the unwary, enticed by the “pleasure of sin for a season,” are often ensnared by his subtle wiles. We fail to see the dangerous booby traps until it is too late.

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