Fr. Jose Kaimlett


This day that year, 47 years ago, I was ordained priest. This period of almost half a century witnessed more changes than all the rest of history put together. Priesthood was no exception either; so much so, within this short span of time, every aspect of priesthood has undergone a world of change, and even the very existence of priesthood itself in Christianity is called in to question. In spite of all these changes, the idea that “A Priest Is Always Wrong” has remained unchanged.

If he begins his Mass in time, his watch is fast.
If begins a minute late, he keeps people waiting.
If he preaches too long, he makes people bored.
If he has a short homily, he is unprepared.
If he owns a car, he is luxurious.
If he does not own one, he is not with the times,
If he visits families, he is always out.
If he does not, he has no concern for them.
If he asks for donations, he is a moneymaker.
If he does not, he is too proud and lazy.
If he takes time in the confessional, he is too slow.
If he makes it fast, he has no time for his penitents.
If he renovates the church, he throws away money.
If he does not, he has no initiative.
If he works with the elderly, he is old fashioned.
If he works with the youth, he is flighty and mod.
If he is seen with women, he is a playboy.
If he goes only with men, he is immature.
If he is young, he has no experience.
If he is old, he should retire.
As long as he lives …..
There are always people who are better than him.

But if he dies ….
There is no one to take his place.

Courtesy – St. Ann’s Bulletin

Everything with me was so “wrong” that even the last statement; so much so, every time I was to vacate a place, there were people in ‘q’ to replace.

On this happy anniversary morning, dear friends, I assure you all a remembrance in my Holy Mass and prayers and in your charity kindly remember me too to the Lord.


Washington Warnakulasuriya

Dear Father, Yesterday it was Maundy Thursday. The day Jesus established the priestly hood. I had the opportunity to attend for the service during my duty to a close church. The priest focused 100% on the priestly hood on the sermon. At the end of the sermon he said the devotees to log into this web and find the statements appearing. He also said few statements.
Dear Father you are right. Very few understand the humanity of priests. They are not that have come down from above. They are also human like us. In common the present society does not commend or not at all, only spending time to find faults not appreciating the dedication, only expecting but not sacrificing, some times no respect at all to the priests are very grievous. Father I will pray for God for all of you from now onwards to receive courage, strength and good health to continue the missionary that you vowed. God Bless .


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