Mission in Arunachal

Lazu SchoolMissionaries of Compassion had a very simple beginning of its mission in Arunachal Pradesh at Lazu, Tirap Dist., in the diocese of Miao.  On 21st of August 2006, the Catholic Lazu Mission was entrusted to the Missionaries of Compassion  by Rt. Rev. George P.K., the bishop of Miao.  The Parish was consisting of 17 villages and a Balavadi School with 12 students.

In the year 2007 we started LKG and UKG sections with 22 children and a Hostel with 20 students.  In 2008 with the help of a funding agency we completed the works of a double storied school building which was blessed on the 3rd December 2008.  In the same year a Grahani School for girls was started and all the girls from Lazu circle benefit from it.  In the year 2009 Parish Church was renovated.  In 2010 a Presbytery was built.  In the same year a self group was formed in the parish level in order to conduct Medical Camps and to distribute Medicines to the poor sick.

Now, Lazu Mission is self sufficient with 334 students, 127 Hostellers, both Boys and Girls, 9 Teaching Staff and 5 Non-teaching Staff.  Every year we arrange a spiritual retreat in all villages, for both the villagers and the school  children.  The Lazu Parish, at present consists of 775 families in 17 villages.

St. Xavier's Church, LazuIn October 2010 we were entrusted a new mission, New Sallang, in Changlang Dist., in the same diocese. The new mission was opened on 17th February 2011, by the Bishop of Miao.   In this mission, we started LKG classes started 18 students.  We do not yet have a community of faithful in this New Mission but only a school with LKG, UKG, Class I with 35 students.  At present we have 35 students, 3 Teaching Staff and 2 Non-Teaching Staff in the Sallang Mission.

In June 2012 one more mission was started in Kolam – a new mission bifurcated from the Lazu Mission.  Since Lazu Mission has two Tribes of  People,  it was necessary to have a separate mission for each tribe.  Thus Lazu consists of Naga-Ollo Tribe, and Kolam consists of Naga-Tutsa.  Now Lazu has 12 villages of Ollo Tribe, and Kolam has 5 villages of Tutsa Tribe.  In the year 2011, we had started LKG and UKG sections in Kolam with 30 students.  This year we have 68 students in Kolam Mission.  At present we have the school from LKG to Class 2.

 The Missions in Lazu and Kolam have been facing serious problem of Land-Slide during the raining season which blocks all the Transportation.  Lack of phone facilities and other means of communication is a long- standing problem faced in this area.  Insurgency is also a problem which blocks the development in these areas.

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