Am I Crazy?

Fr. Jose Kaimlett

Am I Crazy?

Mulla Nasruddin’s house was on fire, so he ran up to his roof for safety. There he

was, precariously perched on the roof, when his friends gathered in the street

below holding a stretched out blanket to him and shouting, “Jump, Mullah, jump!”

“Oh no, I won’t,” said the Mullah. “I know you fellows. If I jump, you’ll pull the

blanket away just to make a fool of me!”

“Don’t be silly. Mullah. This isn’t a joke. This is serious. Jump!”

“No,” said Nasruddin. “I don’t trust any of you. Lay that blanket on the ground

and I’ll jump.”

– Antony de Mello

Believing or trusting everybody is dangerous; but believing or trusting nobody at any time is extremely dangerous.

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