To mark the death anniversary of Fr. Jose Kaimlett (1941-2018), – the founder of Missionaries of Compassion – St. John’s Region of Missionaries of Compassion, Tanzania conducts Bible Quiz every year in Tanzania. This year it was conducted on 14th August and it was on the Gospel of Mark. The event was conducted in three Catholic Dioceses of Tanzania – Ifakara, Mahenge and Morogoro. We had a total of 6 centres of exam and it was a great success. A total of 906 students participated from 47 schools.

On the 21st of August 2021, the result of the Quiz was announced. The following are the first three winners.

1st Position – JACOB DANIEL MAKOMBOLA (94.5%) from St. Peter’s Junior Seminary, Morogoro Diocese (Prize TZS 500,000.00)

2nd Position – JOHN NESTORY ZINGAI (94.1%) from Compassion Secondary School, Msolwa Ujamaa, Ifakara Diocese (Prize TZS 300,000.00)

3rd Position – DAVID CHRISOSTOM ATHANAS (94%) from Kasita Junior Seminary, Mahenge Diocese (Prize TZS 100,000.00)

In addition to the above three we had also given consolation prizes to 17 students from 4th – 20th positions. All these students were given TZS 50,000.00 each. 

We are sure through this Bible Quiz, we will be able to enhance interest among the students to read the Holy Bible and thus the Christian values of peace, harmony, brotherhood, kindness, generosity, etc., may be enkindled in them to become more human and humane in their journey of life.

The mission of Christ is continued (Mt. 28:19-20) and support to the needy is realized (proverbs 19:17).

We thank wholeheartedly the Superior General of Missionaries of Compassion, Rev. Fr. Boban Kollapallil and his counselors, Rev. Fr. Manoj Aikkaraparambil, Assistant Superior General of Missionaries of Compassion and the Regional Superior of St. John’s Region, Rev. Dr. Shiju Xavier Poovakulam, the Provincial of St. Joseph Province of Missionaries of Compassion for their support and guidance. The cooperation and encouragement of Bishops of Ifakara, Mahenge and Morogoro, the Parish Priests and the Head Teachers of these Dioceses are also gratefully acknowledged.

The Organizing Committee
Fr. Shibin James Thuniampral (Chairperson)
Br. Chigbo Marcelinus Ekenedilichukwu
Br. Johnson Juma Osebe
Br. Justus Omare Isoe