Weeping Neighbor

Fr. Jose Kaimlett

Weeping Neighbour

A middle-aged Rabbi once sought advice from King Solomon. “Revered Majesty, I have given my whole life to the study of the Holy Book. But I need your help to solve a grave problem I am facing. My neighbour bothers me. He sighs and weeps all day long. He ruins my study and disturbs my sleep; I even find it impossible to pray. I must confess that at times I am so upset that I feel the impulse to strangle him. Your Majesty, I beg of you to tell me how to get rid of this malady?

King Solomon fixed his gaze on the Rabbi and asked in a serious tone: “How long have you lived with this neighbour?”

“Fourteen years, your Majesty; a biblical number indeed.”

“And yet, in all these years, has nobody taught you to ask your neighbour why is he weeping?”


Learn to focus on solutions rather than on problems. Always try to devise the simplest possible solution to remedy the problem at hand. Often the right solutions escape our attention simple because they are simple.

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