The Sweetest And The Bitterest

Fr. Jose Kaimlett

The Sweetest and The Bitterest

A king gave this order to his servant, “Go and find me the sweetest food on earth.”

He went to the butchery and bought a tongue, brought it home, roasted it, and served it to the king. The king said that it tasted very good.

Then the following day he gave the servant another order, “Go and find me the bitterest food that exists on the face of the earth. Again the servant bought a tongue, prepared it in a very special way and brought it to the king.

Seeing it, the king objected,” I ordered you to bring me something bitter and you have brought a tongue.”

To which the servant replied, “My lord, you will admit that there is nothing sweeter in the world than a tongue, and nothing can be more bitter than a tongue.”

_ Sulchan-Sabe Orbeliani

We have to admit that there is nothing in the world sweeter than a tongue which can praise, appreciate, comfort, encourage and enliven. It is equally true that there is nothing else in the world that is more bitter, and more lethal than a disparaging and gossiping tongue.

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