Fr. Jose Kaimlett


If you break your arm you get it set in a cast and nature deposits calcium around the break and the chances are it will never break at that spot again: The calcium deposit has made the born stronger there than it was in the first place. The mistake has been corrected.

Failure can get you down only if you let it crush you. You are going to fail again and again in different ways and in different degrees.

Life is succession of failures; most of them little ones. If it were not so we would never learn. Thank God for the failures and for what it taught you and now not to make that mistake again. But don’t stop trying.

– Ethel Barret

Mistakes are nothing to be ashamed of as long as we are able to learn from them. They are the most efficient teachers, and as such they are great blessings. What can anyone say, if one so obdurate as not to learn, or has an attitude as my friend put it, “sto lavorando duro per preparare il mio prossimo errore;’ ‘I am working hard to get my next mistake ready.’ “To err is human; but to persist in error is devilish.”

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