Let Bygones Be Bygones

Fr. Jose Kaimlett

A journalist told of an occasion when he and David Lloyd George of England Were enjoying a round of golf. The newsman was so engrossed in conversation that as they left the course he failed to latch the gate

The Prime Minister, noticing the oversight and seeing some cattle about to enter, quickly went back and shut it himself. Then he related an incident to the reporter about a man they both knew.

“I remember,” said Lloyd George, “that as our friend lay dying, he called his children to his bedside and urged them to close every gate behind them as they made their way through life.” Pointedly he added, “l owe much of my own success to that sage piece of advice.”

– Paul van Gorder

Forget the past failures and defeats; let bygones be bygones. On the other hand, if God has blessed you with success, humbly thank Him, but don’t rest on your laurels. Always shut the gates on yesterday, and fully live the today.

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