Fr. Jose Kaimlett

There are many principles and values all people live by. These values help them with dealing with everyday matters. Whether it is to keep their faith at all times or just respect everyone else the way they want others to respect them, it changes their lifestyle. The one law that I live by is honesty. I have always been taught that lying will just get me into more trouble than I might already be in. I have always tried my best at going without lying. Being honest is a quality all people need to have and use to go far in life.

Ever since I was a little kid, my parents have taught me to be honest because it is the right thing to do. As I got older, I realized something very important that could change the way people take me to be as a person. If just once you stop being honest and tell a lie it will dramatically change people’s point of view of you and their whole way of acting toward you. When you tell a lie you lose that person’s trust forever or have to work your whole life getting it back. You also are going to be taken more lightly on whatever you may say.

It is my personal goal to achieve great things in life and honesty will sure help me get there. For me right now losing somebody’s trust would be a truly horrible thing to do. My parents would be stricter on the things they let me do and the places that they used to let me go to. My friends would never again tell me a secret or believe many things I told them. Other people would just keep me as an acquaintance instead of a friend. Whatever you do for a living or wherever you live, honesty is something important for all of us.

Honesty gets you much higher in life than getting into more problems like lying would. Lying can even get you into problems dealing with the government. I can already tell that the great and astonishing people I have met so far are all extremely honest people. Being dishonest to me in a way is like taking drugs. It will permanently reflect upon you and change everything about you. Not only that, but once you lie once you think it won’t hurt you to do it again, until you finally have to realize what it’s doing to you.

I hope that I’ll never fall into a situation where I’ll lie. Honesty is just as important to me as my family. Already, I know it is something that will improve my future and my relationship with all people. It is something about myself that I hope to never lose no matter what happens. Most of all honesty will help me no matter if I’m at school, home or just hanging out with friends. It is something that I hope my children will also have and appreciate.


Trust is like a paper, once it is crumpled, it can not be perfect again. You can flatten the paper and try and make it as straight as you want, but it will never be perfect again.

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