Always Right

Fr. Jose Kaimlett

Always Right

The guru would never argue with anyone who was more interested in bolstering his own position than in finding out the truth. One day he told the following story to show his pupils an example of what he meant.

He asked his opponent, “If a piece of buttered bread falls down, does it land with the buttered side up or down?”

“Naturally with the buttered side on the bottom.”

“No, with the buttered side on top.”

“Let’s prove it.”

So he took a slice of bread, buttered it, and threw it high into the air. It landed – buttered side up!

“I won!”

But only because I made a mistake.”

“What mistake?”

I buttered the wrong side of the bread.”

_ Anthony de Mello

No matter what the argument is, some people are always right. Arguing with them is just a waste of time.

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