Incredible landmarks in the life of Father Jose Kaimlett

Chronological order of events

 1941: Beginning of the journey at Palakkattumala;

1955: Completed matriculation from St. Francis High School, Marangattupally;

1955-57: Minor Seminary studies at Palai,

1957: Joins the Missionary diocese of Vijayawada,

1957-66: Philosophical and Theological studies at Sacred Heart Seminary Poonamalee, Madras, 

1966: Priestly Ordination,

1966-67: Assistant Parish Priest Amalapuram,

1967-69: Boarding in charge, Machilipatnam,

1969: Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) from Andhra University,

1969: Parish Priest, Bhimavaram West,

1970: Begins the Akiveedu mission,

1970: Parish Priest, Akiveedu,  

1971: Head Master & Correspondent, St Ambrose High School, Nidadavole,

1971: Construction of Holy Cross Hospital, Nidadavole, Eluru Diocese (Holy Cross Sisters),

1971: Construction of St Joseph’s Orphanage, Nidadavole, 

1971: Construction of Priests Residence, Akiveedu,

1974: Construction of the Parish Church, Nidadavole

1975: Construction of St Ambrose of Boarding, Nidadavole

1976: Construction of Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre, Nidadavole

1977: Appointed Administrator of the newly formed diocese of Eluru,

1977: Appointed Chancellor, Secretary and Procurator of the diocese of Eluru,

1977: Took a leading role in the relief and rehabilitation work after the killer cyclone,  

1978: To Rome for Higher Studies,

1981: Obtained Ph. D in Canon Law, with the thesis titled “Freedom of Religion in India,” Pontifical Urban University, Rome,

1981: Construction of Our Lady’s Shrine at Nirmalagiri,

1982: Construction of T. B. Sanatorium and Hospital, Nirmalagiri, (Sisters of the Destitute),

1982: Construction of Convent, Sisters of the Destitute, Nirmalagiri,

1982: Construction of Priests’ Residence, Nirmalagiri,

1983: Construction of Rehabilitation Centre for Physically Challenged, Thangellamudi, Eluru Diocese (Daughters of St.  Vincent De Paul),

1983: Construction of Hospital, Vellachintalagudem,

1984: Founding of Heralds of Good News, the most ambitious and unknown journey 

1985: Heralds of Good News Minor Seminary, Kurukuru,

1986: Good News School & Hostel, Tadepalligudem,

1987: Rural Dispensary, Dondapudi,

1988: St. Joseph’s High School, Hostel and Convent, Yernagudem,

1989: Heralds’ College (Major Seminary), Janampeta,

1990: Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre, Janampet (Cammillan Fathers),

1991: Heralds High School, Vanastalipuram,

1991: Our Lady’s Shrine at Janampet,

1991: Good News Press and Printing School, Eluru,

1992: Founding of Sisters of Good News, a women religious institute,  

1992: Heralds of Good News Seminary, Trichy,

1992: Clara Memorial Hospital, Aswaraopetta,

1992: Novitiate House, Sisters of Good News, Vegavaram,

1992: Good News Minor Seminary, Wagamon,

1993: Heralds College and Provincialate House, Poonamallee, Madras, 

1993: Formation House, Sisters of Good News, Vangayagudem,

1993: Good News School and Staff quarters, Aswaraopetta,

1993: Fr. Mathew Memorial School, Vangayagudem,

1994: Heralds of Good News Generalate, Thangalammudi, 

1994: Jeevan Jyothi High School and Convent, Dharmavaram,

1994: Good News High School and Convent, Gurazala,

1994: Good News High School, Enkoor,

1994: Extension of Jeevan Jyothi High School and Convent, Nandikotukur,

1994: Publication of the Wisdom of the Ages, a collection of rare and invaluable quotations, and anecdotes for successful living, 

1996: St. Joseph’s Major Seminary, Khammam,

1998: Retirement Home, Kudackachira,

1998: St. John’s Seminary, Nidadavole,

1998: Divine Mercy Retreat Centre, Kudakkachira,

1999: House of Compassion, Rocca di Papa, Rome,

1999: Elevation of Heralds of Good News, as a Pontifical Society of Apostolic Life, 

1999: St. John’s Major Seminary, Kurnool,

1999: St. Andrew’s High School, Thozhuthoor, Trichy,

2000: Completion of the Church and extension of the priests’ house at Manginappudi,

2000: Sisters of Good News Generalate, Thangalammudi,

2001: Formation House, Sisters of Good News, Chittar,

2001: Heralds of Good News Seminary, Ifakara, Tanzania,

2001: Good News High School, Sole, Tanzania

2002: Priests Residence, begin the construction of the seminary, Chanokundu,

2003: Founding of Missionaries of Compassion

2003: Soup Kitchen, Vangayagudem,

2003: House of Destitute, Kozhinjampara,

2003: Divine Mercy Chapel, Nanguneri, 

2003: Good News Retreat Centre, Nanguneri,

2003: Priests Residence, Nanguneri,

2003: Old Age Home, Kudackachira,

2003: House for the Destitute, Nanguneri,

2003: Formation House, Sisters of Good News, Nanguneri,

2004: Good News Retreat Centre, Kozhinjampara,

2004: Good News English Medium School, Kozhinjampara,

2004: House of Compassion, Vangayagudem,

2005: Holy Spirit Church, Vangayagudem,

2005: Cyclone Shelter and Old Age Home, Manginappudi,

2006: Missionaries of Compassion, Generalate, Hyderabad,

2006: Rural Dispensary, Kozhinjampara,

2006: Holy Spirit Seminary, Sanigudem,

2006: St. Joseph’s High School, Ponugodu,

2007: Mary Malarkody Minor Seminary, Ullar,

2007: Karunya Asram, Panathoor,

2007: St. Joseph’s High School, Aliabad, Hyderabad,

2007: St. Mary’s High School, Antarvedi,

2008: Don Bosco High School, Jogipet, 

2008: Our Lady of Grace Shrine, Aliabad,

2008: Good Samaritan Cancer & General Hospital, Vangayagudem,

2008: Hospice, Vangayagudem,

2008: Taking up the Home for the Aged, Dharmaram,

2008: Soup Kitchen, Ponugodu,

2008: St. Joseph Children’s Home, Ponugodu,

2008: St. Antony’s School, Dharmaram,

2008: St Xavier’s School, Lazu, Arunachal Pradesh,

2009: Publication of the Tonic for the Spirit, Vol. 1, a collection of thoughts for daily nourishment,

2009: Assumption Secondary High School, Msolwa-Ujamma, Tanzania,

2009: St. Andrew’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Thozhuthoor, Trichy,

2010: St Joseph’s Hostel, Aliabad,

2010: St. Antony’s Children’s Home, Dharmaram,

2010: St Xavier’s Boarding, Lazu, Arunachal Pradesh,

2010: Good News School, K.K. Basthi, Hyderabad,

2010: Publication of the Tonic for the Spirit, vol. 2, a collection of thoughts for daily nourishment; 

2014: Our Lady of Kiberege, Ifakara Diocese, Tanzania

2015: Good Samaritan Hospital, Msolwa Ujamaa, Ifakara Diocese, Tanzania

2016: Good Samaritan Cancer Hospital, Ifakara, Tanzania

2017: Compassion Minor Seminary, Kiberege, Ifakara, Tanzania

2017: Mary Baptist Herbal Cancer Hospital, Panathoor, Kerala

  • In many villages safe drinking water is provided by constructing bore-wells and water tanks.  Many houseless have now houses through the intervention of Father Jose.  These and similar other initiatives are not included in the Chronological order of events.

27 June,  2018: Fr. Jose concludes his journey on earth and continues to shed forth the light of his examples and intercession.  May its radiance shine to all!!!