Incredible landmarks in the life of Father Jose Kaimlett

Chronological order of events

 1941: Beginning of the journey at Palakkattumala;

1955: Completed matriculation from St. Francis High School, Marangattupally;

1955-57: Minor Seminary studies at Palai,

1957: Joins the Missionary diocese of Vijayawada,

1957-66: Philosophical and Theological studies at Sacred Heart Seminary Poonamalee, Madras, 

1966: Priestly Ordination,

1966-67: Assistant Parish Priest Amalapuram,

1967-69: Boarding in charge, Machilipatnam,

1969: Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) from Andhra University,

1969: Parish Priest, Bhimavaram West,

1970: Begins the Akiveedu mission,

1970: Parish Priest, Akiveedu,  

1971: Head Master & Correspondent, St Ambrose High School, Nidadavole,

1971: Construction of Holy Cross Hospital, Nidadavole, Eluru Diocese (Holy Cross Sisters),

1971: Construction of St Joseph’s Orphanage, Nidadavole, 

1971: Construction of Priests Residence, Akiveedu,

1974: Construction of the Parish Church, Nidadavole

1975: Construction of St Ambrose of Boarding, Nidadavole

1976: Construction of Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre, Nidadavole

1977: Appointed Administrator of the newly formed diocese of Eluru,

1977: Appointed Chancellor, Secretary and Procurator of the diocese of Eluru,

1977: Took a leading role in the relief and rehabilitation work after the killer cyclone,  

1978: To Rome for Higher Studies,

1981: Obtained Ph. D in Canon Law, with the thesis titled “Freedom of Religion in India,” Pontifical Urban University, Rome,

1981: Construction of Our Lady’s Shrine at Nirmalagiri,

1982: Construction of T. B. Sanatorium and Hospital, Nirmalagiri, (Sisters of the Destitute),

1982: Construction of Convent, Sisters of the Destitute, Nirmalagiri,

1982: Construction of Priests’ Residence, Nirmalagiri,

1983: Construction of Rehabilitation Centre for Physically Challenged, Thangellamudi, Eluru Diocese (Daughters of St.  Vincent De Paul),

1983: Construction of Hospital, Vellachintalagudem,

1984: Founding of Heralds of Good News, the most ambitious and unknown journey 

1985: Heralds of Good News Minor Seminary, Kurukuru,

1986: Good News School & Hostel, Tadepalligudem,

1987: Rural Dispensary, Dondapudi,

1988: St. Joseph’s High School, Hostel and Convent, Yernagudem,

1989: Heralds’ College (Major Seminary), Janampeta,

1990: Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre, Janampet (Cammillan Fathers),

1991: Heralds High School, Vanastalipuram,

1991: Our Lady’s Shrine at Janampet,

1991: Good News Press and Printing School, Eluru,

1992: Founding of Sisters of Good News, a women religious institute,  

1992: Heralds of Good News Seminary, Trichy,

1992: Clara Memorial Hospital, Aswaraopetta,

1992: Novitiate House, Sisters of Good News, Vegavaram,

1992: Good News Minor Seminary, Wagamon,

1993: Heralds College and Provincialate House, Poonamallee, Madras, 

1993: Formation House, Sisters of Good News, Vangayagudem,

1993: Good News School and Staff quarters, Aswaraopetta,

1993: Fr. Mathew Memorial School, Vangayagudem,

1994: Heralds of Good News Generalate, Thangalammudi, 

1994: Jeevan Jyothi High School and Convent, Dharmavaram,

1994: Good News High School and Convent, Gurazala,

1994: Good News High School, Enkoor,

1994: Extension of Jeevan Jyothi High School and Convent, Nandikotukur,

1994: Publication of the Wisdom of the Ages, a collection of rare and invaluable quotations, and anecdotes for successful living, 

1996: St. Joseph’s Major Seminary, Khammam,

1998: Retirement Home, Kudackachira,

1998: St. John’s Seminary, Nidadavole,

1998: Divine Mercy Retreat Centre, Kudakkachira,

1999: House of Compassion, Rocca di Papa, Rome,

1999: Elevation of Heralds of Good News, as a Pontifical Society of Apostolic Life, 

1999: St. John’s Major Seminary, Kurnool,

1999: St. Andrew’s High School, Thozhuthoor, Trichy,

2000: Completion of the Church and extension of the priests’ house at Manginappudi,

2000: Sisters of Good News Generalate, Thangalammudi,

2001: Formation House, Sisters of Good News, Chittar,

2001: Heralds of Good News Seminary, Ifakara, Tanzania,

2001: Good News High School, Sole, Tanzania

2002: Priests Residence, begin the construction of the seminary, Chanokundu,

2003: Founding of Missionaries of Compassion

2003: Soup Kitchen, Vangayagudem,

2003: House of Destitute, Kozhinjampara,

2003: Divine Mercy Chapel, Nanguneri, 

2003: Good News Retreat Centre, Nanguneri,

2003: Priests Residence, Nanguneri,

2003: Old Age Home, Kudackachira,

2003: House for the Destitute, Nanguneri,

2003: Formation House, Sisters of Good News, Nanguneri,

2004: Good News Retreat Centre, Kozhinjampara,

2004: Good News English Medium School, Kozhinjampara,

2004: House of Compassion, Vangayagudem,

2005: Holy Spirit Church, Vangayagudem,

2005: Cyclone Shelter and Old Age Home, Manginappudi,

2006: Missionaries of Compassion, Generalate, Hyderabad,

2006: Rural Dispensary, Kozhinjampara,

2006: Holy Spirit Seminary, Sanigudem,

2006: St. Joseph’s High School, Ponugodu,

2007: Mary Malarkody Minor Seminary, Ullar,

2007: Karunya Asram, Panathoor,

2007: St. Joseph’s High School, Aliabad, Hyderabad,

2007: St. Mary’s High School, Antarvedi,

2008: Don Bosco High School, Jogipet, 

2008: Our Lady of Grace Shrine, Aliabad,

2008: Good Samaritan Cancer & General Hospital, Vangayagudem,

2008: Hospice, Vangayagudem,

2008: Taking up the Home for the Aged, Dharmaram,

2008: Soup Kitchen, Ponugodu,

2008: St. Joseph Children’s Home, Ponugodu,

2008: St. Antony’s School, Dharmaram,

2008: St Xavier’s School, Lazu, Arunachal Pradesh,

2009: Publication of the Tonic for the Spirit, Vol. 1, a collection of thoughts for daily nourishment,

2009: Assumption Secondary High School, Msolwa-Ujamma, Tanzania,

2009: St. Andrew’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Thozhuthoor, Trichy,

2010: St Joseph’s Hostel, Aliabad,

2010: St. Antony’s Children’s Home, Dharmaram,

2010: St Xavier’s Boarding, Lazu, Arunachal Pradesh,

2010: Good News School, K.K. Basthi, Hyderabad,

2010: Publication of the Tonic for the Spirit, vol. 2, a collection of thoughts for daily nourishment; 

  • In many villages safe drinking water is provided by constructing bore-wells and water tanks.  Many houseless have now houses through the intervention of Father Jose.  These and similar other initiatives are not included in the Chronological order of events.

 2012: ………… the journey continues, and the light shines.  May its radiance spread to all!!!