Good Samaritan Hospital, Msolwa

Good Samaritan Hospital

Msolwa Ujamaa, Tanzania

Having obtained the required permission to function from the Health Ministry of Tanzania, the Good Samaritan Health Centre was blessed by Mons. Salutaris Libena, Bishop of Ifakara diocese and Mons. Agapiti Ndorobo, bishop of the diocese of Mahenge and formally inaugurated on 25th of March 2015. The simple inaugural ceremony that followed the Eucharistic celebration and the blessing of the Good Samaritan General Hospital was attended by civil administrative representatives, political leaders, several priests and religious of the diocese of Ifakara and a lot of people from Msolwa Ujamaa and the surrounding villages.


The initial response to the services offered in the Good Samaritan General Hospital is very encouraging.  In the very first week after the inauguration 161 patients received treatment form the hospital. Although we had opened only the OPD in the beginning, the situation necessitated to open also the In Patient Department without much delay.

The OPD was opened with the inauguration of the hospital along with Registration Counter, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Injection Room, Consultation Room, etc. The ambulance also is made available for any Emergency.

The Out Patient Department at present is open from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm every day. The following is the present staff:

Clinical Cadre
Medical Officer 1
Assistant medical Officer 1
Nursing Cadre
Registered Nurses 8
Assistant Nurses 6
Paramedical Cadre
Lab Assistants 2
Pharmaceutical Assistants 2
Non Medical Staff 12

The detailed examination of the doctors, friendly behavior of the staff, hygienic environment, beautiful gardens, an infrastructure with sufficient natural light and air passage, etc., create a welcoming atmosphere to the poor patients and their relatives.   Malaria is the major cause of deaths especially among children, as it is the most common disease prevailing in the Afrcian continent.  In fact, Malaria caused by blood parasites transmitted from person to person through the bites of infected mosquitoes, accounts 85% of cases in the African Region and 90% of malaria deaths worldwide. In the absence of prompt and effective treatment, malaria often causes death.  Until the establishment of the Good Samaritan General Hospital, there was no easy access even to this common disease for the people of the area.  The majority of the cases attended in our hospital is Malaria followed by Typhoid which is another common disease associated with low socio-economic status and poor hygiene. Though in the very initial stages, the patients were from Msolwa Ujamaa village itself, gradually many others from the nearby villages started benefitting from the services of the hospital for diagnosing and treating malaria and typhoid.  Every month, an average of 700 patients are treated in the Out Patient Department.


The opening of the ‘In Patient Department’ was also necessary in the very first week of the opening of the hospital. Due to low number of ‘In Patient Department’ cases in the beginning we had opened only the male and female wards with the capacity 16 beds each. However, at present an average of 250 patients are treated in the ‘In Patient Department’.


Laboratory in the Good Samaritan General Hospital is equipped with minimum requirements to cater to the health services we offer at the moment. Two assistant lab technicians are employed in the Lab. The Lab has been rather busy all throughout with an average 42 Tests per day.

Following is the table of the average most common tests conducted in a month.

Parasitology Hematology Serology Biochemistry Total
378 737 305 97 1517


An administrative body is set up with the Director and Administrator as the official and administrative Heads respectively. A Medical officer is placed as the Doctor In-charge of the medical cadre. He is immediately responsible for the medical affairs of the hospital.  A Religious Nun Nurse is appointed as the Matron in-charge of the Nurses. A Registration Counter, Pharmacy, and Billing Counter are in function since the opening of the hospital. Pharmacy In-charge and Pharmacy store In-charge are appointed. Record Manager, General Store manager, Accountant are also appointed.

Operation Theatre (OT)

The Operation Theatre has been just completed a bit behind schedule after final furnishings. It took more than the expected time due to unavailability of all the necessary materials for which we depend mainly on the financial capital city of the country, Dar Es Salam which is about 370 kms. away from where the Good Samaritan General Hospital is situated.

Radiology Block

After having completed the construction of the physical structure of the Radiology Block for General Radiography CT Scan, X Ray and Sonnography units, we have requested the concerned Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission for the Inspection, so that these blocks can function properly according to the existing rules and regulations in Tanzania regarding the radiology blocks. In the light of the report of the Commission we are making adaptations according to the recommendations and suggestions provided by the Commission. These modifications are also completed and the whole radiology block is at the service of the patients.


Tanzania continues to be one of the top contributors to maternal and neonatal mortality in the world.  Maternal deaths in Tanzania, with a ratio of 578 per 100 000, represent 18 percent of all deaths of women between the ages 15-49. The main direct causes of maternal death are hemorrhages, infections, unsafe abortions, hypertensive disorders and obstructed labours. The presence of these causes is exacerbated by malaria, Tanzania’s number one killer. More than half of births occur at home and this contributes to the elevated maternal mortality rate. Of all pregnant women, only 46 percent are assisted during childbirth by a doctor, clinical officer, nurse, midwife or maternal and child health aide.  The establishment of Good Samaritan General Hospital is a boon as otherwise, maternal deaths due to lack of proper medical assistance would not have decreased in this area.

The Maternity section in the Good Samaritan General Hospital, with the antenatal, post-natal and the neo-natal wards have started functioning in addition to the Labour Room equipped with the with the necessary requirements.  The hospital contributes enormously to reduce the maternal and neonatal deaths.

Doctors’ Quarters

Two quarters for the doctors were built with each quarter having two Bed Rooms (One self contained), a kitchen with a store room and a parlor with a wash room. At present one quarter is shared by two doctors and the other is used by the priests until a house is built for them.


Presence of Religious Nuns

Responding positively to our request, the Seva Missionary Sisters of Mary (SMSM) have started serving in the Good Samaritan General Hospital as nurses, giving a helping hand also in the administrative department and in the pharmacy. At present there are four nuns who render service in the hospital.

RCH (Reproductive Child Health)

RCH is one of the leading health programs of the Government of Tanzania. It is usually assisted by the Health Ministry of the Government. The District Medical Officer (DMO) responsible for the area where our hospital is  situated has already taken vision of our hospital buildings and the treatments offered in our hospital.  We hope to extent shortly health services with the assistance also of the RCH to more needy people in the remote villages around Msolwa Ujamaa.

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